Rejuvenate, Nurture, Nourish

Restorative Yoga for Women: Rejuvenate, Nurture & Nourish with Emma Cole

Fri March 27, 7-9pm

True, deep conscious rest

Restorative practices are an elixir for women's wellness due to their ability to induce profoundly deep states of rest, recovery & recalibration. The female 'body-mind' needs these gentle, quiet spaces to soften, surrender & return to balance. This session will combine Restorative yoga & Womb yoga (that's mudra with pranayama & somatic visualisation for women's health) to facilitate a return to a relaxed, open & harmonious state of being. Through these practices we will replenish the wellspring of our vital essence, nourish the psycho-emotional self & nurture our biology. This inclusive workshop is suitable for women of ALL ages and stages, totally suitable for beginners as well as intermediate & advanced levels.


£30 per person

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