Pole Dance Fitness Workshop

Pole Dance Fitness Workshop With Karrie Hammersley

Workshop 1: 12.30-2pm: Static Pole Flow 
Learn starting point techniques for pole Dance fitness. Spins, transitional moves, poses and seated moves will be learned and linked together to create short combinations that flow into each other. Using strength and flexibility elements you’ll be guided through safe techniques, strength building and use your body to make beautiful shapes. All levels and abilities. Progressions can be made for anyone with experience of pole fitness. 

Workshop 2: 2.15-3.45 Spin Pole Motion
Using the spin setting in pole can be a beautiful art form. It requires strength, control and a basic understandingly physics which create impressive combinations and flare! Starting with basic spin control you’ll learn how to do a variety of spins, sits and climbs. All abilities welcome, progressions can be made for those that have poled before.

£40. Book here!

Karrie started pole classes June 2010, and created Karrie’s Pole Fit in 2014 with 1 pole class, growing into 8 more pole classes, then 2 more venues, and evolving into Aerial Hoop & Flexibility classes to give a range of fun and varied disciplines & taking student training to the next level! 

Karrie works with her 8 instructors & teaching assistants that are all a vital part of the team and great friends. We hold qualifications in Xpert, Spin City and Vertical Dance for pole fitness, aerial hoop & flexibility, as well as First Aid Training, fully insured & being PDC Certified members and Assessors.