Natural Born Movers!

A Freestyle Yoga Project Workshop
With Mark Freeth

We were meant to move. It’s why we’ve got brains. Resting & sleeping aside, we weren’t meant to sit/stand/lie still. We’re natural born movers. So our every day lives are made up of complex natural, instinctive movement patterns. So what happens when we capitalise on those everyday patterns & REALLY push the boat out? The movements don’t necessarily have to be big & dramatic - they can be subtle too. But what happens when we move in unusual ways - challenging ways? Mark will show you what happens - you’ll strengthen & mobilise every muscle & joint in your body. You’ll become agile & bulletproof (kinda). Your stamina & endurance levels will go thru the roof. And guess what else? You’ll become SMARTER! Because movement encourages a healthy brain too. SO - Mark is going to lead you on a merry dance - warming up, hitting some juicy hot spots, then cooling down. All are welcome! From whatever discipline, at whatever level. Just bring energy, a sense of humour & an open mind. A mask & cape might be useful too - as you’re going to walk away feeling like a superhero….


To book: Ranit, 07809149236