Move On Up!

An FYP workshop at The Zen Shed, Worcester with Mark Freeth 

Oct 7

We here at FYP aren’t contortionists. We’re not interested in joining the circus (nothing wrong with circuses tho’!). Flexibility is THIS (little space between thumb & forefinger) important to us. What IS important is mobility, agility & strength. Thus, we like to MOVE! And by movement, we mean anything from the subtle mobilising of fingers & toes thru more complex, dance-like patterns to functional locomotion work that REALLY challenges the mind & body.
In this workshop, Mark will warm you up, then take you on a thrilling, funky ride of crawling, jumping, rolling & shaking. We may even look at some pole mobility work. You’ll walk out energised, brimming with new ideas & ready to go with your new Superhero Status! All welcome. No previous experience of any physical discipline necessary. But please know you’ll be asked to work hard. So bring bags of energy. Oh, and a sense of humour. Mask & cape optional…

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