'Lock, Stock & Smokin' FYP

An FYP workshop with Mark Freeth,
FlowMotion, Matlock, Apr 21.
We can read your minds. It’s one of the Special Powers gained by training with FYP….
You want to nail handstands in 2019, don’t you?
Your wish is our command.
Mark will prep your wrists, shoulders, abs and get you used to putting weight into your hands, THEN we’ll start looking at the mechanics of handstands.
It won’t be the ONLY thing we’ll be doing, of course - we’ll definitely go ‘off-piste’ from time time to time and of course, you’ll have some questions that need answering, which will take us off in other directions.
So. You ready? Let’s do this!
Book via Wendy, info@flowmotion.life