If You're A Mover, You're A Groover!

Q: What combines agility, strength, mobility, stamina, endurance & flexibility? 
A: All round movement. From the subtle to the complex. We need to bulletproof every part of our body if we want to remain fit & healthy into our old age. An old school approach to yoga, relying on static stretches just doesn’t cut it. We need to run, jump, crawl, hang, lift, pull, roll, etc. And the more complex the movement is, the more it keeps our brain healthy too. So - with all this in mind, Mark will be introducing you to FYP’s approach to superhero status. He will lead you on a merry, logical, safe dance which will warm you up, challenge you and cool you down. All are welcome - from whatever physical discipline and whatever level. All you need bring is tons of energy, a sense of humour and an open mind. Mask & cape optional.