If You're A Mover, You're a Groover


An FYP workshop in Stamford, Lincs

May 5, 1-5pm

Book via http://stamfordyoga.co.uk

Always training, always researching, always playing, always moving. This is the FYP way. - constantly experimenting & evolving. Which means no 2 workshops are ever the same. The only constants are that we work hard (but in a FUN, informal way!) and we'll all walk away feeling exhilarated! If you've worked with us before, we guarantee we've got something a little new for you. If this is your 1st FYP experience, prepare to step up to the plate. A couple of things that are ALWAYS requested tho are funky, fluid locomotion work, handstand drills and stick work. That ok with you, Stamford? ok. Let's go to work...