New To Yoga?

“I’m not flexible at all…I can’t even touch my toes!!”

“I couldn’t do the things that you guys do…”

“I’m unfit…”

“You’ll make me do all that ‘leg behind head’ stuff…”


All common fears as to why people are concerned / worried / scared to join their first movement class!

Well, we promise you @ FYP we won’t make you feel inadequte, out of your depth or ask you to do things you don’t want to do!

We run our classes based on those who walk through the door & tailor them to who we have in front of us. There are always options. We will never leave you hanging or make you feel uncomfortable. Sure, you’ll work hard and you WILL work up a sweat, but we guarantee you’ll be able to do most of what we ask you. If there’s a movement/position you can’t quite move into - yet - we’ll offer you a variation.

Our teachers are trained to offer verbal and physical assists / spotting / support for those people that want to find that deeper forward fold or try that handstand they’ve been working on for a while. 

Here our focus is about being mobile, fit, agile, strong and healthy. We want you to come away from class feeling energised and able to face life outside class.

So, if you can’t touch your toes - yet - the world won't stop turning. We've got a few more interesting things for you to try anyway...

We have a wide range of classes to suit different abilities: Mellow Yellow, Move On Up, FYP Handstands - sign up using the form, get in touch & we’ll get straight back to you & guide you through the best starting point for you.

We’ll also offer you your first class free!

Everyone should move - in as subtle/complex ways as possible. It will compliment your beloved running / cycling / gym gig, so come along, try it out – we promise you'll be hooked!.

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9.30am - Move On Up with Mark

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