From Jan 14, 1pm lunchtime classes will be 45 mins long!

This is to allow those working locally to attend class without going over their allotted lunch time.

FYP: your listening movement & dynamic yoga studio...


Bear with us whilst we fix our buzzer system. This means, until then, there will be no admittance to class once it has started (as opposed to letting latecomers access up to 10 mins in).

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible...

Drop-in prices: £14

Mat hire: £2 Mat Park: £1 per week (free to members)

Generally, it's ok to just rock up. But if you want to ENSURE your spot, we advise booking for ALL classes...

Please note that we'll allow you in up to 10 mins into class - after that, no entry as you'll have missed the warm-up.

If you are completely new to us then come 5/10 minutes before the start of class so we can meet with you, get you to fill in a form and show you around.

Membership & class cards are good for ALL classes except for those who hire the studio from us - Daisy Birthing Ante-Natal with Anna, Happy Pilates with Kim, etc - you pay them direct.

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9.30am - Mellow Yellow with Mark

1.00pm - Move On Up with Mark

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