Mark Freeth

After decades of martial arts, wrestling and fencing, I decided to take up astanga vinyasa yoga in ’95 after watching a demonstration by the late Derek Ireland. He and his then partner, Rhada, became my first teachers.

I then waded thru anyone I could get my hands on until 5 years later I quit my job in the music biz to start teaching yoga full time. For a long time I studied this one form of yoga and thought it provided me with everything I needed. Then I grew up.

First, I took off the blinkers and realized there was a world of yoga out there outside of my beloved ‘style’.

Second, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I jettisoned yoga’s 'baggage' and just focused on the stuff that mattered: making myself fit, strong, flexible, agile, healthy and sharp of mind, through SMART physical excercise.

This included exploring a more movement-orientated approach, which brought me into contact with the likes of Ido PortalYuval AyalonValerie DoucetTom WekslerAMN, the Movnat guys, & many others, whose ideas I have been integrating into my own training and teaching. This is all ‘work in progress’. That’s exactly what FYP is all about.