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Mark Freeth

After decades of martial arts, wrestling and fencing, I decided to take up yoga in ’95 after watching a demonstration by the late Derek Ireland. He and his then partner, Rhada, became my first teachers.

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Alice Trew

Sceptically attended my first yoga class when I was 18. It was everything I thought yoga wasn’t: no chanting, no religion, no meditation – and all to a funky soundtrack. Luckily for me, the teacher of that first class was Mark. That was back in 2010, and I haven’t stopped practicing since.



Linda Bonavoglia

From attending my first class at FYP to signing up for their Teacher Training program took just a few weeks. And the rest is history...

I teach both gentle and strong classes and I love both styles with equal measure, empowering my students to tune in with their own body and breathing; increasing their body awareness, mobility, stability and flexibility after each practice.

Today's Classes

9.30am - Move On Up with Mark

9.45am - YogaBliss with Linda

1.00pm - Mellow Yellow with Mark

7.00pm - FYP Handstands with Mark

8.00pm - Happy Pilates

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