Our studios were created by us with you in mind – we wanted a beautiful, clean, peaceful place, in the centre of town, easy access for you to come and visit. 

Secreting you for a while…from the outside world – complete focus on yourselves and the task at hand with no disturbances.

The materials we used were recycled – from the lime-waxed woodwork making up the furniture for reception and studio 1, to our signature round window, the frame of which was the top of a tipi tent.

We wanted an identity for you to enjoy and be a part of…the FYP studios give you everything you need to enhance your sessions with us.


FYP Reception - was a place we envisaged sharing information, meeting new clients, regular clients to say ‘hi’, sign in, refresh with water, hang up your coats, store your outside shoes and get ready for class.


Studio 1 -  is our largest space; with capacity for 20+ mats, most of the classes from day to day & our workshops take place here. 

It is fully equipped with additional hanging bars / yoga swing / mats / blocks / straps / sound system / female & male changing areas / heating and 100% ambience.

We wanted an identity & space for you to enjoy and be a part of…


Studio 2 - (our newest addition) situated on the 3rd Floor – our studio in the sky…smaller, fits a capacity of 12 mats max with the signature FYP look and feel.  As equipped as Studio 1 but no changing area.

We are proud of the space and the response it has ignited in many of our FYPers…not only a hang out place but community too !


Today's Classes

9.30am - Mellow Yellow

1.00pm - The Hour

6.00pm - Yoga with Sean

7.00pm - Yoga with Luke

7.30pm - The Daisy Foundation Antenatal Class

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