Frequently Asked Questions at FYP


Q. Do I need to book?

Generally it's ok to just rock up, but because we hate to turn people away, we recommend you book (either by the on-line system, emailing us, calling or tell us in class), just to save you a wasted journey. Please note that we'll allow you in up to 10 mins into class - after that, no entry as you'll have missed the warm-up.

If you are completely new to us then come 5/10 minutes before the start of class so we can meet with you, get you to fill in a form and show you around.


Q. Which class best suits me?

All classes are mixed ability - a beginners is welcome in any of our sessions. You don't HAVE to attend our beginners class if you're new to us. But we understand some people want to just ease themselves into our thing - in which case, we recommend 'Mellow Yellow' or 'FYP Beginners'. But please note that the beginners class is meant as a brief introduction before the REAL work starts...

Otherwise, it's 'The Hour' or 'FYP Groovers', which are strong, fast & challenging. This is where FYP REALLY comes into it's own...


Q. What should I wear?

Something comfortable to move in…you will get warm….t-shirt / vest top / leggings / shorts / bare feet. Maybe a towel as you may sweat – buckets! Layers to put on as you leave, if you sweat, you lose heat as you cool.

Wear knickers – guys and gals – no matter how opaque you feel your leggings / shorts are – it’s a bright space, when we do floor based work with legs up in the air, opaque can very quickly turn translucent, or shorts can move around – we love you guys – but not that much…    


Q. Changing facilities?

Yes – separate units, female / male.


Q. Showers?



Q. Mat hire?

£2 per mat per class, but if you have your own yoga mat – bring it – please don’t use a pilates or really thick mat – in our experience they hinder your balance drastically & therefore your performance/concentration and awareness.

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9.30am - Mellow Yellow

10.45am - Stretch & Tone

1.00pm - The Hour

6.00pm - The Hour

7.00pm - Yoga with Luke

7.30pm - The Daisy Foundation Antenatal Class

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